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Beacon Custom full Color Gobos

No minimum quantity.

Price: Full Color ( & freight)

1:st SEK 4.535:- Euro 478

Copy of same: SEK 2758:- Euro 286

The items are normally send 7 workingdays after reciving originals. This is depending on the amount of art work. This is also depending of the quality of the recieved original, better original results in faster processing. Freight and TAX is not included in price. If not other agreement is made, the material will be send by DHL international and with företagspaket or by bussgods charge ( under 5 working days) 700:-SEK Euro € 65

Payment is done prior delivering by showing payed banknote, if no other agreement is made. Ordering could be doneby e-mail fax/ phone or mail.

If sending paper original plese keep the image as large as possible but not larger than A4-size:

Data files could me send by attachment in a e-mail, or by mailing floppydisc or CD-rom, PC or MAC format, we recommend using JPG, EPS or TIFF. Remember keeping high resolution of pictures, (1200dpi or higher).

For logotypes, trademarks or commercial items, we encourage use of PANTONE colors.

When ordering the following information is requested:

  • Complete deliveryadress
  • Invoice adress (if credit is aceppted)
  • Your Referens, person name
  • your telephone/fax
  • Freight method
  • Description of the motive, files,luminaire type / model
  • Quantity
  • Deadline

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